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Le Gardien des Elfes - Unknown Artist
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The Shop

Welcome, push the door, here more notions from time to space,

you penetrate the forgotten lands of the common people. The elves rub shoulders with the fairies,

the dragons frolic with the unicorns, and the elves play dice with the trolls!

Passionate about fantastic, or not! Come discover our range of products in themes, Celtic, medieval, heroic-fantasy, Gothic and metal, to escape, the time of a visit, the

real world ! Yann and Sophie

They Stands


Adress And Contact

Boutique le Gardien des Elfes

    Rue d'Or 9  1700 Fribourg

phone: 024.420.37.02    info@legardiendeselfes.ch


Monday 13.00 to 18.30

    Tuesday to Friday

       10.00 to 18.30

Saturday  09.00 to 16.00       

Bonjour, la boutique sera fermée de jeudi 9 janvier , merci de votre compréhension.